Cartoon Museum

What do you get if you mix my favourite comics publication with one of London’s loveliest, slightly tucked-away galleries? The answers are contained within my Spectator review of the Cartoon Museum’s Future Shock: 40 Years of 2000AD exhibition, although I’ll give you the short version here: the whole thing is a delight, even if don’t know your Absalom from your Kano. As I say in my review:

Some of the exhibition’s finest moments are almost accidental. Most of the artworks have speech bubbles, captions and corrections literally pasted on to them — because that is how comics are made. But only one has a crisps logo (KP Griddles) glued to its top, along with the promise of a free packet for those who follow the instructions later in the issue. It’s a reminder that 2000AD is a publishing operation. This is art for newsstand sales’ sake.

Ch-check it out.

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