Me! Me! Me!

I used to write a bit about politics. Or, rather, quite a lot – as editor of The Spectator’s Coffee House blog, among other roles.

And then I grew tired of writing about politics. I’m still interested in politics itself, but I started to feel as though I wasn’t interesting myself. I didn’t know enough and I hadn’t experienced enough to opine, day after day, about the great matters and personalities of state. I went cold turkey in 2016.

Besides, I had – and have – other stuff going on. Writing about culture, and particularly film, has always been my favourite kind of writing. Here, I might know enough and have certainly experienced enough to keep pressing at my keyboard for the rest of my life. I’ve made a start with articles in publications such as The Spectator (natch), The Times and 1843. There are more links in the Elseworks section of this website.

Which brings us on to this website. Think of it as a repository for my cultural writing. I’m hoping to keep the Elseworks section ticking over, of course, but I’ll also be writing posts specifically for here. Random recommendations. Longer profiles. Interview transcripts. All of the many things that previously didn’t have a natural home – now they do, so long as I find the time to help them move in.

The website also allows you to subscribe to my writing and contact me. It’s very modern like that. Thanks for joining me on the bleeding edge.